Furniture in Nigeria

Going from one furniture showroom to the other looking for the perfect set to fit your house might be time-consuming. Jiji brings the showroom to your fingertips. On Jiji, you can search for the type of furniture you want quickly. You can decide to buy a new set or a used set, all depending on your budget.

Visit the website today and specify what you are looking for and your location. By using this filter option, only home furniture sets in stores around your area will be shown to you. Here are some things to consider when furniture shopping online.

Look at the Photos

Many online stores post multiple photos of furniture, and you must look carefully through each one. Typically, the store displays a picture of the furnishing in a decorated room that accentuates the furniture.

Unless it’s a one-of-a-kind item, you can usually find different photos by searching the name of the item. Look through as many images as you can to get an idea of what the furniture might look like in your home.

Read the Description

Don't make the mistake of not reading the descriptions entirely if you want to buy it. Keep in mind that furniture stores choose their wording carefully. Look for information about durability, and instructions for cleaning the furniture. Take note of all the specifications listed on the furniture set.

Check the Furniture Measurements

Carefully check the furniture measurements. Don’t just assume that the piece can fit where you want it to go; pictures can be deceiving. When taking measurements of the room, be confident that you double-check the measurements for the length and the width of the furniture. Also, make sure that doorways and hallways won’t cause any problems.

Think about how the furniture will get into the room, and if necessary, ask for a second opinion about bringing the furniture into your home. If the listing doesn’t offer measurements for the furniture, you can call the number provided to ask a representative to provide you with the actual measurements.

Compare Prices

Very few Internet retailers sell one-of-a-kind items so you can find most furniture sets on Jiji. Go through a list of stores and check the wide price range, so you are not overcharged in the end.


Not skipping the step where you have to meet with the seller to see the original set before finalizing payment, you should also figure out the delivery options. Is the store or owner willing to ship to you, or do you have to carry the burden of shipping?

While buying furniture online can save you time and money, you have to watch out for scams and do some research to find the best deals. Make sure you use a site you trust just like Jiji, find the lowest price, and choose a shipping method that won’t make you regret upgrading your furniture.

Give your living room the well-deserved change that it needs today with the help of Jiji.

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