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47-Inch Smart TVs in Nigeria

Smart TVs come in a variety of sizes to fit your room and space. The 47-inch smart TVs are perfect for large rooms. Most of which supports Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). This means you get better image quality and a better contrast ratio.

In furtherance to their specs, you can also find the advantages and disadvantages of some 47-inch TVs here. This information will safeguard you in your purchase decision.

LG 47-inch Smart TV in Nigeria

The LG 47-inch TV series is sleek, elegant, and sophisticated. With the latest technology, impressive resolutions, and brilliant images, they transform your TV shows, movies, sports, and more.

Properties of the 47-inch LG Smart TV

Though Slim, yet packed with advanced technology, its innovative TVs give you access to the best which the television has to offer, entailing stunning images, vivid colors, amazing contrasts, and an uncountable galore of online content.

Either you're looking for a 47-inch TV or something larger, our next-generation televisions will upgrade your home entertainment experience.

The available functions of which include: Full HD 1080p or 4K UHD Resolutions, With the ability to pick between TVs with Full HD 1080p or 4K UHD resolutions, it's easy to find the right TV for your viewing habits.

Both give you realistic images with great information, but while Full HD gives you 1080 pixels, 4K TVs give you four times that for even more detailed images.

Advantages of LG 47-inch Smart TV

  • Upscaling

  • Smart technology

  • IPS screen Display

LG TVs are designed to maximize your entertainment experience, providing you with innovative technology and trim-off designs that seem baseless in your space.

From Full HD 1080p and 4K UHD resolutions to autoscaling, the latest smart technology, to IPS displays that give you a great view from virtually any angle, our TVs have all that you need to suit your way.

Samsung 47-inch Smart TV

It upgrades your living room into a luxurious cinema with the Samsung HCL4715W widescreen rear-projection system. The equipment's 47-inch viewing area is housed in a sleek medium gray cabinet, and the unit is also compatible with progressive scan DVD players and DTV set-top boxes.

Either your passion is DVDs, movies, or sports, the HCL4715W offers exceptional performance and comfort.

At the heart of the set are 3 liquid-cooled, high-resolution 7-inch cathode-ray tubes that power Samsung's RealFlect video system. The system includes data quality lenses for optimal image detail and a first surface mirror for high brightness and sharpness.

Samsung's PerfectFocus auto-convergence system rectifies image focus and sharpness with the push of a button (the 9-point manual adjustment is also possible).

Flicker-free progressive scan image performance removes visible scan lines on analog projection devices. Its 30-watt stereo sound system (15 watts per channel x 2) delivers plenty of sound entertainment anywhere.

The TV’s widescreen format is the perfect screen format for viewing wide-screen video from DVD players and for the increasing availability of programs streamed from HDTV tuners, cable boxes, and satellite receivers.

The HDTV component video inputs accept all HDTV tuners, HD satellite receivers, and HD cable boxes that output component video in 1080i (Y, Pb, Pr) format. NTSC 480p line doubling takes interlaced inputs (such as VCRs and DVD players without progressive scan) and turns them into a sharper and clearer progressive scan.

The dual picture-in-picture tuner allows you to watch 2 TV programs simultaneously. The PIP functions of the remote control include mixing a TV source and a video source, as well as resizing the second screen and placing it on the TV screen. A universal remote control allows you to control your television, DVD, VCR, and cable box.

Features of 47-Inch Smart TV

  • 47-inch widescreen HDTV monitor projection television with 1080i resolution of 44.6 x 23 x 47.9 inches (W x H x D).

  • Progressive-scan conversion for analog inputs; progressive-scan DVD component-video input.

  • Uses Samsung RealFlect video system and PerfectFocusautoconvergence system to permit, extract, and fine-tune image quality.

  • 15-watts per channel x 2 for powerful stereo sound.

  • Contains dual-tuner picture-in-picture and universal remote control.

Specifications of 47-Inch Smart TV

Brand Name


Item weight

167 pounds

Product dimension

23 x 44.75 x 48 inches


2 AAA batteries required (included)

How to get 47-Inch Smart TVs in Nigeria

You can always get yourself a 47-inch smart TV in Nigeria by simply visiting the Jiji store online. In there you will find several models and options to suit your need.