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Flooring Services in Nigeria

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Concrete flooring service is the process of applying a layer of concrete flooring on open ground to serve as a foundation for building structures. The process of Concrete Flooring Service is also known as concrete floor slab (CFS) or concrete terrazzo slabs (CTS).

Concrete Flooring Service in Nigeria includes:

1. Supply and laying of the ready mix at the site.

2. Application and finishing with screed machine if required.

3. Supply & installation of pre-cast kerbs and edgings, where applicable.

4. Supply and application of colored/stamped concrete when required using any available technology such as water jetting and stamping.

5. Supply and application of polished concrete when required using available technology such as diamond polishing pads and grinders.

6. Supply and installation of pre-cast mosaic tiles (eg: hexagonal, square, etc) if required at site with foam screed backing.

7. Application & finishing of any decorative finishes such as marble chips or granite chips for local/exotic types of stone flooring.

8. Supply and installation of under-floor heating systems.

9. Repair and maintenance services on concrete slab floors previously installed by Oasis Flooring Limited in Lagos & Abuja Nigeria. The repair & restoration works include: Cracks Repairs, Pitting filling, Sealing, Waterproofing, etc.

10. Supply & delivery of water & flame proofing paints for protection on slab floors.

11. Supply & delivery of epoxy paints which are used to finish concrete slabs in Nigeria.

12. Other flooring services include Painting, polishing, grinding/washing/sealing of concrete slabs using electrostatic equipment with - positive or negative charge depending on surface conditions and type of working environment required by the client.


Concrete flooring service on Jiji is the process of applying a layer of concrete flooring on open ground to serve as a foundation for building structures.

Concrete Terrazzo Slabs are made up of high-quality cement, fine aggregates, admixtures, and water. A quick hardening hard paste is applied on the sleeper base using either rotary machine or vibratory screed machines depending on available technology in Nigeria. After some minutes one layer of the terrazzo slabs is laid down while another layer of fresh concrete is being awaited for. The surface is then finished with manual screeding using a finishing trowel to obtain the required smoothness depending on usage requirement.

The terrazzo slabs are designed with different colors on their surface that are packed in color-coded bags before delivery at site. Before the terrazzo slabs are laid on the surface, it has to be cleaned of any sands and clay material within reach of machine blades so as not to scratch or mar its attractive look, since one of its main qualities consists in color uniformity throughout the whole slab flooring area.


The Concreters are individuals or construction companies that offer this type of service on either contract or on daily basis, the contractors are usually engaged by clients during building construction projects. After some time, if some defects appear on the surface of the concrete slabs due for example excessive weight pressure from vehicles parking above them, cracks will start spreading all over the place even though they can be repaired using a patching compound specially designed for use under any circumstances. Finally, there is a need to restore/renovate existing concrete floors before they become totally unusable.

It is important to note that the installation of concrete flooring service on Jiji may be carried out under wet conditions. This means, there is no need for a drying period after the application before using the slab(s).All types of vehicles can then use it immediately without delay or additional costs involved.

The clients/end users usually body corporate (Corporation), Government agencies, and individuals who can afford this type of payment mode hence they prefer hiring contractors to do the job rather than doing it themselves. Maintenance of concrete floors on daily basis depends on usage either by pedestrians or heavy-duty vehicles. The more effort you put in maintaining your concrete floors on a daily/weekly basis, the longer they will last you before having them re-laid again.