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Highways vision is severely impacted by rain and fog, and many times a vehicle’s headlights are insufficient to see clearly in adverse weather conditions. Fortunately, fixing a fog light to your Toyota Hiace will enhance clarity, visibility, and safe road.

When visibility is hampered by severe weather, having the best aftermarket fog lights can offer you peace of mind that you will be able to drive safely.

In this article, you get to learn more about the fog light of this Toyota brand, its functions, and some of the benefits of the fog light.

Read on!


The Toyota Hiace fog light is an important car component that rarely gets noticed even in the worst condition. However, if not for fog lights, driving in the night and during the winter would have been impossible.

They are styled to be used at low speed to add to the illumination directed to the surface and verges of the roads during poor visibility.

Fog lights are available on many types of vehicles including the Toyota make. They are a recognizable part of the Hiace’s fascia and front bumper. They are mounted low in a Hiace car and are directly in front of the wheel well.

They resemble mini headlights and can be attractively integrated into a vehicle's exterior front-end design. While their appearance may vary, their objective remains the same: to aid you, the driver, in gaining visibility in inclement weather.

Benefits of The Toyota Fog Light

  • This brand’s fog lights improve vision in foggy weather, keeping you safe.

  • They also aid visibility by allowing other drivers to see you more clearly.

  • It is best for the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other road users.

  • LED fog lights are more energy-efficient and last significantly longer than halogen lights. In foggy weather, fog lights are preferable over headlights.

  • Headlights, regardless of their quality, tend to reflect fog, reducing vision. In poor weather conditions, the Toyota brand fog light pods will brighten the route better, allowing you to see lane markers, traffic signs, and other cars.

Things to Consider Before Getting Toyota Hiace Fog Lights

Price: One of the first things you consider before getting a fog light of this brand is the price. There is a wide price range for the fog lights available, so you can go for those under the range of your budget.

Aftermarket/built-in Fog lights are built-in when they are fitted by the manufacturer on a Toyota Hiace commuter. They are low-cost because halogen fog lights are commonly used. Despite their high quality, halogen fog light pods do not survive as long as LED fog light pods. They aren't as bright, either.

However, the aftermarket doesn’t come with most of the vehicle but are installed by an expert on the cars. So, if your this brand’s Hiace is not giving you the needed brightness, you can go fix the aftermarket fog light.

Fit: you must consider the specification of your car before getting a fog light. Fog light comes with the Toyota Hiace, if there is a case of damage, get the exact one that spoilt.

Wattage: before you get any Toyota Hiace fog light, you must check the wattage. They signify the effectiveness and capability of the fog light. Lights with low wattage consume less power and produce less intensity of light.

Voltage: you also have to check the voltage of the light before buying it. The LED is rated by lumens, so learn about the brightness of the light and look at the lumen rating before buying. The higher the Lumen, the brighter the light.

Why Should You Buy Toyota Hiace Fog Lights?

The Toyota Hiace fog light is a fresh new replacement emergency daytime running light. These fog lights are high-quality fog light shade that is unafraid of inclement weather. It will keep your car looking attractive and bright enough to demonstrate effective vehicle protection.

Also, you need to get a replacement for your damaged fog light because if you are trying to sell your car, getting a new one upscales the price a lot. It doesn’t look presentable and appealing if you go around with a broken fog night. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t suit your personality, it is as well dangerous to go about driving in the night with neither a good headlamp nor fog light.

Where to get your Toyota Hiace Fog Lights?

If you consider buying a high-quality Toyota Hiace Fog light, Jiji is the best place for you to go. They provide you with a wide range of original fog lights available at the best price.

Go get yours now!