You Laugh You Drink Card Game

Posted 31/01
Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria
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You Laugh, You Drink [A Party Game] is a party game for people who can’t keep a straight face. On their turn, players pick someone [a target] in the group and have 30 seconds to make them laugh. Do what the card says and don’t hold back!
Can you keep a straight face when someone does a very shy Magic Mike dance?
How to play?
The Joker
On your turn, pull a card and silently read it to yourself. The element of surprise is on your side. Pick one target in the group and make them laugh by doing what is on the card. Don’t hold back!
you laugh you drink card2
The Target
Try not to laugh. If you do, you lose.
you laugh you drink card3
Sip of Shame
Someone loses and should take a sip of shame.
** You Laugh You Drink can be played with or without a beverage. It is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not intended, nor should it be construed, to promote anything otherwise.
Let the games begin!
  • You Laugh You Drink Card Game
  • You Laugh You Drink Card Game
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    Lagos State, Yaba, Region 15, Ebun Street Off University Road, Abule Oja Yaba Lagos
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