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The world is made up of different tools and accessories which make it a comfortable place to abide in. They can be anything that meets people's daily needs, found in different places, used at different times for different purposes. Without the presence of accessories, the world and its entirety will not be complete.

It ranges from our wardrobe wears, footwear, bedroom equipment, adornments, kitchen utensils, work or factory implements, fashion kits, sitting room makeups, and all other things that can be seen around, and used every time.

A tool could be anything that is meant to be professional equipment or instruments used for performing and perfecting an operation, and to facilitate works, for example, storage box for makeup, ear wax removal, first aid box, hair straightener comb, toothbrush, rechargeable electric shaver or razor, and the likes.

Accessories on the other hand could be any equipment meant for embellishment, adornments mainly for a secondary function contributing to styles, complementing a part of an outfit, for example, wristband sanitiser dispenser, hot water bottle, corset, belt waist trainer and trimmer, wristwatch, grid lipstick and so on.

They are mainly for fitness and fashion purposes added on to make them more attractive or versatile. These products can be found and bought on Jiji, we sell all of these products.

Tool prototype

First aid kit: It is a box or pack used in getting treatment equipment for addressing minor injuries or ailments including burns, scrapes, cuts, bruises. It includes life-saving emergency supplies, convenience or relief medicines like paracetamol, panadol, cold and flu, etc. The kits we have at Jiji are stocked with many first aid supplies.

Hair straightener comb: It is a professional hot comb for personal and saloon use. It is a tool designed to remove and straighten curls or waves from the hair through the application of heat. It is designed with adjustable temperature regulation for different types of hair to prevent breakage or total brittleness.

Woodpecker LED ultrasonic scaler: it is equipped with an optical handpiece for convenient clinical operation. The automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency.

Automated chemistry analyzer: it is a machine that runs full blood count and provides a result within few minutes. It provides reliable diagnostic information, with no special operating skills required.

Who then can buy these products?

Irrespective of age, gender, or status, everyone uses tools and accessories at different places, different times for different purposes to suit their taste and meet their different needs, once it lies between and not beyond their budget constraints or income pace.

Any product purchased is intended towards a particular usage for a particular period or season with specifications of what to be used with it.

So much the product is beneficial and worth the use, or it had completed or exceeded its phase of usage, it can be replaced or even transferred to other people in other to make life activities easier.

The care of these products needs to be of utmost check for it to last long and fulfil the purpose behind purchase. Endeavour to keep them in a safe place out of children's reach, exposure to harsh weather, sun and rain especially, away from intending or supposed damages.

Do you need to get yourself any of the products from the unending list of tools and accessories in Nigeria? Log on to Jiji to check those that are available and make your pick NOW!

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