Sexual Wellness in Nigeria


When we discuss health, we need to involve sexual health, which plays a significant role in our well-being. Unfortunately, several of our daily activities impact every aspect of our lives and seriously affect our mental health, interfering with our sex lives.

Research has shown that anything that adversely affects an individual or a relationship may probably have a spillover effect into sex. Therefore, couples who suffer negativity are inclined to feel some disconnection.

Sexual satisfaction is a significant aspect to consider. If sex does not feel good to you or is not satisfying, you're not going to want to do it, building frustration in the relationship and a romantic disconnect. When you are healthy in this regard, you enjoy a healthy body, enjoyable sensual life, productive relationships, and peace of mind.

What is sexual wellness?

It involves many things, including having a healthier body, a satisfying sex life, being confident about yourself, having peace of mind, and positive relationships. It is experiencing pleasure, intimacy while avoiding STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Improving your sexual wellness

Good sex life is paramount if you want to sustain a good relationship with your partner, which may require you to make a few tweaks in your life, including;

  • Communicate often: This is a small step that can make all the difference. It is the basis for your relationship. You have to talk about likes, dislikes, fantasies, etc., so your partner understands what pleases you and satisfies you in bed. As a bonus, this habit eases awkwardness and performance anxiety.

  • Reduce stress: While stress is a fundamental part of our lives, you must see it as detrimental to your sex drive and remove your libido. So always create an opportunity to unwind so you can enjoy ecstasy with your partner.

  • Eat healthily: If you want to spice up your erotic life, then spice up your eating habits. Ensure your diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fats as they can aid in increasing your sex performance.

  • Workout regularly: If you want to stay healthy physically and be mentally ready for the in-bedroom activity, exercising is the way. Research has shown that physical fitness directly improves sexual wellness in both males and females.

  • Keep things simple: There is no fixed rule when it comes to sex. There are times you want things rough and times when you wish to cuddle and discuss. Always go with the flow. You can make simple changes in your routine like having different types of sex in other places and positions that feel enjoyable to you and your partner and keep the fire burning.

  • Get some vitamin D: How long you bask in the morning sun can affect the quality of your sex as sunlight helps vitamin D synthesis, which improves male in-bedroom productivity. It also inhibits melatonin production that suppresses your urges. So the more you bask in the morning sun, the better your sex drive and sensual health.

  • Try natural herbs: Several natural herbs help boost your erotic activity and health. They have benefits such as improved libido, sex drive, and sperm quality. However, it would help if you spoke to your doctor before taking natural herbs.

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