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Gone are the days when parents thought of purchasing a pram or a stroller when they could not take their toddlers everywhere. Parents these days buy these requisites well in advance for numerous reasons, including coming travel plans or bulk shopping to benefit from some discount. Hence, a carrycot, car seat, baby carrier, pram, or stroller make it to the preliminary shopping list of most parents these days.

Suitable prams and strollers can make all the difference in the comfort and accessibility of your daily life with a baby. Whether you’re going to the park for a walk, a pram or stroller is a must-have for life on the go with a baby. The right stroller not only offers the baby a comfortable place to sit or nap, but it also provides a place for you to accumulate all of those must-have necessities, from wipes and diapers to a change of clothes and an extra pacifier.

Selecting the ideal carrier to keep your little one safe and comfy on the move can be a daunting task. So, where to start? The simple answer is Jiji.

There are hybrid prams and strollers accessible in the market. These hybrid varieties are a better option since they are built keeping in mind your baby’s comfort at different stages of their growth.

Prams versus strollers

A pram is essentially a carrycot on wheels. It allows a newborn baby to lie flat, and for the first six months of their life, a significant necessity until they can support their head without help.

A pram has a flat bottom and is favorable for younger infants, whereas a stroller is modeled for an older toddler sitting upright or lying back a little. Prams are usually more costly than strollers and are great for newborns who sleep a lot. Strollers are often more universal for different lifestyles and let your older child be able to see what is going on around them. Plus, they can get in and out effortlessly if they are already able to walk.

It is practical to buy hybrid models that enable you to change the positioning from pram to stroller as your child grows. A buggy is another option. It is a small stroller with a compact fold in length and width. Some buggies come with a detachable carrycot or carrycot that can be turned into a buggy seat.

Another option is a travel system which usually combines a buggy with a detachable car seat.

There are six basic types of strollers. They include;

  • Full-sized;

  • Lightweight or umbrella;

  • Jogging;

  • Double stroller;

  • Car seat carrier; and

  • Travel system strollers

How to choose the perfect stroller for your family

You must first determine these three factors before deciding on the type of pram or stroller you want to get.

  • Cost: Prams and strollers vary wildly in prices, and although the expensive ones offer some added convenience, they may not be necessary.

  • Lifestyle: Before purchasing a pram or stroller, you should answer the following questions;

    • Do you anticipate heavy near-daily use?

    • Do you need one simply for occasional outings?

    • Can you transport them via car?

    • Will you be lugging it through the city, up subway stairs, and in and out of apartments?

Answering them will help you figure out what model you should go for.

  • Family size: This is the last thing to consider. If you eventually decide to have more than one child, you can gravitate towards purchasing a bigger or more durable pram or stroller.

How do you get yours?

If you would like to buy any of the above prams and strollers, there are several ways to get the perfect one that suits your needs. You can check out different brands and models that might interest you from those available for sale on Jiji.

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