Maternity & Pregnancy in Nigeria


First-time moms in Nigeria can attest to the fact that carrying a child for nine months and taking care of the baby from the point of delivery to a toddler is a wondrous and life-changing experience. Undoubtedly, the struggles involved with maternity and pregnancy create lovely mothers.

To keep you abreast of what to expect and make informed decisions, we would dissect how the experience of maternity and pregnancy can become stress-free without forgetting the necessary products that pregnant moms can buy on Jiji.

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The responsibility of bringing a kid into the world is one of the most significant journeys anyone can embark on. Having the necessary maternity gear will make life easy for both mother and child.

Examples of maternity products include;

Maternity Bra

Maternity Gown

Baby Towel

Baby diaper

Baby hanger/drier

Electric breast pump

Nursing pillow


Buying the right pregnancy gear can help expectant mothers survive their prenatal inconveniences and set them up for an exciting nine months journey and a successful delivery.

These goods consist of essential items that will help make your life comfortable and the prenatal period bearable right from the moment you conceive till the day of delivery.

Examples of pregnancy products include;

Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy support belt

Maternity Gown

Maternity And Pregnancy Goods

As an expectant mom, your body changes with each passing day, and owning the right items will help make you feel safe and healthy.

The following include major maternity and pregnancy goods in Nigeria available for sale on Jiji.

Hospital Delivery Pack

This can consist of a wide variety of things from toiletries, baby essentials to items that will be demanded by the hospital on the day of delivery. Examples are mucus extractor, examination gloves, methylated spirit, balm, baby wipes, etc

Breast Pump

There’s the manual breast pump operated by a squeezing trigger button that will create the suction that will generate milk from the breast. It also has an electric model that is more efficient, stronger, and will save you a lot of time and energy.

Depending on your budget, both the manual and electric versions are available for sale on Jiji.

Nursing Pillows

To reduce arm, neck, and back strain resulting from constant breastfeeding, nursing pillows will sit on your lap and provide a stable and comfy surface to elevate your newborn to breast height and make nursing more enjoyable.

There are several comfy nursing pillow designs you can buy on Jiji.

Ovulating Kit

Putting it mildly, ovulating or predictor kits detect ovulation to help you get pregnant even though the reality is much more com[licated than that. You can buy yours on Jiji to have a good understanding of how it works.

Meanwhile, there are also fake pregnancy bellies, baby carriers, disposable pants, nursing bras, baby wipes, seat baths for mothers, and other related products for sale on Jiji. Log on to Jiji to buy all you need to make your maternity and pregnancy period comfortable for you and your baby NOW!

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