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Apple iPhone X Mobile Phones in Nigeria

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Apple iPhone X Mobile Phones in Nigeria

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✨ Excellent screen
✨ Fast processor
✨ First-of-its-kind augmented reality front camera
✨ Effective facial recognition
✨ Need to re-learn fundamental features
✨ Not available anymore
✨ Supports wireless charging
✨ Screen cutout (notch) may block some content
✨ Not the fastest modem

Jiji brings you only the best and exciting deals. Buy used or second-hand Apple iPhone X in Nigeria today for cheap rates. Before you purchase that iPhone x that is up for sale, you should be able to check the essential functions of the device. Besides checking the cosmetic condition of the iPhone x, here are some basic features to inspect before finalizing payment:

Check the Charging Port

Carry an iPhone cord to test put the charging port of the device. Connect the iPhone to your laptop with a USB cable. Go to the iTunes app and verify that the device is recognized. If you are not able to check the connectivity to your computer, you can settle for just confirming that the charging port is working correctly and not shaking.

Test External Buttons and Call Functions

When inspecting the iPhone x, also open the gadget's dial pad. Place a call with the iPhone to test the speaker, press both volume buttons and check the mute switch on and off to ensure everything is working. Adjust the volume to your desired level and take note of the functionality of the speaker, microphone, and speakerphone during the call.

Touchscreen Test

An easy way to check the screen of the iPhone you are about to buy is by opening the calculator app. Turn the phone to a vertical orientation and the go-ahead to press all the buttons. This way, you can note the responsiveness of the screen and also the calibration. Then proceed to rotate the phone to a horizontal orientation, the phone should be able to detect the change in direction and switch the calculator to the scientific mode. Go ahead and press all the keys to assess the touchscreen. If you are satisfied with the outcome, then you can proceed.

Check Wifi Settings and Backlight of the Device

Go to the settings menu and check for WIFI. Activate the wifi by switching it from off to on. The iPhone should be able to scan and pick up wifi signals in the surroundings. If that is working correctly, then go ahead and adjust the screen backlight from the minimum capacity to the maximum capacity. Take note of the changes in the intensity of the backlight.

These are some of the things you can check when it comes to buying a used iPhone x online. Enjoy shopping with Jiji, and do not forget always to take precautionary steps when meeting with a vendor online.