Apple Iphone 8 in Nigeria

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When purchasing a telephone, you can choose to go to the market or go online to search for one. Jiji presents to you the best devices at significant deal costs. Regardless of the expense or particulars you need, Jiji has you secured quickly and whenever. Jiji gives a road to people in Nigeria to put things available to be purchased for individuals to buy. Even though the cycle has been made more open, there are sure things you should check when purchasing a pre-owned telephone or a new telephone, for instance:

Test the iPhone before you purchase

On the off chance that you have affirmed that the iPhone 8 isn't boycotted or enactment bolted, you may be taking a gander at a telephone that is protected to purchase. The principal thing you'll need to do is try out the entirety of the telephone's essential capacities. To do this successfully, you'll need to come outfitted with a couple of things. Ensure you have a working Apple charger and earphones.

If the telephone finishes the entirety of the accompanying assessments, it could merit your well-deserved cash.

  • Screen
  • Buttons
  • Speakers and Microphones
  • Ports
  • Cameras
  • Liquid Damage
  • Connectivity


The first thing you’ll want to do is crank up the brightness on the phone and open up the “Settings” or “Notes” app so you can get a white background on the screen. Does the white look genuinely white?

A few screens can build up a slight color, typically pink. It probably won't appear to be a severe deal presently; however, there's a decent possibility it could deteriorate in time.


You'll need to test the entirety of the telephone's buttons to ensure they're performing regularly, including the mute switch. After you're fulfilled, these are useful, center around the home button. Does it turn or squirm more than expected? On the off chance that it does either, this could be an indication that the button was supplanted with a bad quality part.

A supplanted home button will regularly imply that the Touch ID unique mark scanner does not work anymore. Test this by going to Settings > Touch ID and Passwords > Fingerprints, and choosing "Include a Fingerprint… ". Have a go at setting your thumb on the home button a couple of times. If you see any sort of input on the screen, Touch ID is working fine.

On the off chance that any of these tests fall flat, you most likely would prefer not to buy the iPhone. On the off chance that the issue appears to be minor notwithstanding, it could be an opportunity to bargain at a lower cost if you believe it's something you can live with. Use your best judgment.

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