Apple Iphone 7 Plus in Nigeria

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You can shop online in Nigeria for a new or used iPhone 7 plus with Jiji. Buying an iPhone does not mean you have to spend a lot of money; you can decide to buy a used iPhone 7 plus for a cheap and affordable rate on Jiji. Here are some things to check before finalizing payment on the iPhone:

Speakers and Microphones

There are two kinds of speakers on an iPhone, the primary speaker at the base of the telephone, and the ear speaker utilized during calls.

Test both of these utilizing the "Voice Memos" application. Make a brisk test recording and hit play, and hold the telephone up to your ear. If that is all acceptable, tap the speaker symbol in the upper right of the phone to play your account out of the fundamental speaker.


Plugin your earphones and hit play on that equivalent voice recording you simply made. This is a decent opportunity to twofold check the volume catches. Ensure that sound is originating from the two sides of the earphones.

Next, test out the charging port. Fitting the charger you acquired and ensuring the iPhone recognizes it. Wiggle the end associating into the lightning port apiece. The telephone should continue charging in any event when wiggled.

If either the earphones or the charger neglects to interface by any means, it may be the case that the ports would need to be supplanted – or it may be the case that some pocket build-up or different trash is impeding the way.


Open the camera application and take a few pictures and videos with both the back confronting and the selfie cameras. This is the place it will come in beneficial to have a companion with a similar model of iPhone 7 plus, as you can look at results.

If the image and video quality appear to fulfill Apple's guidelines, try out the back confronting camera's self-adjust. Focus in on something somewhere far off, and take a stab at tapping the screen in various zones. The focal point ought to consequently change center and brilliance.

Fluid Damage

It's fundamental to ensure that the telephone you're taking a gander at hasn't been excessively presented to dampness. Regardless of whether the dealer guarantees you the iPhone 7 is still under Applecare, fluid harm isn't secured by the guarantee.

On the off chance that there are indications of fluid harm, you unquestionably don't have any desire to purchase the iPhone 7+ as fixes can be too troublesome and costly. Splotches most clearly appear liquid harm on the LCD screen; however, this isn't generally the situation.

Ensure there's been no presentation by jumping out the SIM plate and focusing light inside. There is a fluid harm marker in there. If you see any red whatsoever, at that point, there's been fluid introduction – leave the arrangement.

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