Apple Iphone 6 Plus in Nigeria

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iPhone 6 plus is an exotic phone to use. Shop for phones online in Nigeria on Jiji. With the platform Jiji, you can purchase your phone from the comfort of your home. By simply searching for what device you want, you are offered multiple choices you can browse through and select. Here are some precautionary steps to follow when meeting with a vendor to purchase your iPhone 6 plus device:

Ensure That Used iPhone 6 plus Still Looks and Feels Like a New iPhone.

The absolute first thing to check before you purchase the utilized iPhone is its body. Try not to buy a modest, utilized iPhone 6 plus if its body is scratchy, looks old, and all the sparkle of a top-notch gadget has blurred away. Keep in mind, that your gadget will be with you, anyplace you go. Along these lines, utilizing an iPhone which has a damaged body will not look appealing.

That Used iPhone Is Not Fake.

The next thing to ensure before you purchase a second-hand iPhone is to check if that iPhone set is unique or phony. As we talked about in the beginning, there are a ton of fake iPhones available, and you can turn into a casualty on the off chance that you are not careful.

Check the ESN, IMEI, Or MEID Number.

Each phone on the planet has a one of a kind sequential number, which is utilized to recognize that gadget. This assists in locking the taken device also when required. The GSM transporters use the IMEI number, and the CDMA specialist co-ops utilize the MEID number to distinguish the gadget.

There are chances that the utilized iPhone 6 plus, which you are going to buy, is transporter locked because of non-installments or is locked on the grounds that it was taken. Correspondingly, there is a likelihood that the set in your grasp is created, and the gadget was opened to repair, and in this cycle, its body was changed. To stay away from any such issue, you should try to check the IMEI or MEID on the rear of your iPhone with the one implanted in the OS.

To confirm this go to Settings >> General >> About. Or then again, dial *#06#, and the IMEI or MEID number will show up on the screen.

Confirm the Device Is Not Stolen and Carrier Locked.

As we talked about above, IMEI or MEID number likewise assists with recognizing if the gadget was taken and bolted. To ensure the utilized iPhone 6 plus you are going to purchase has not been taken, go to the Apple Activation Lock Status Tool and enter the IMEI or the sequential number of your gadget, and the apparatus will disclose to you the status of the device.

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