Hand Tools in Nigeria


These refer to very portable simple machines that overcome load with zero to minimal human effort. They are number of select hand tools that you can find at home and the others at workshops, warehouses, industries but to mention a few.

This is to say that they are indeed power tools which are handy because they make the burden of work way lighter by carrying out assigned tasks faster and more accurate.


As said earlier, these are handy tools which are simple to operate and handle, easy to clean and maintain, very efficient and cuts the assigned day’s work in half leaving you with more accomplished tasks and a lot freer time. Hands and power tools are a wide field consisting of various sub-factions in different areas of production therefore the number of employees in this field is large and is increasing daily as the need for supply and demand increase also. In Nigeria, they are many potential job candidates having the right experience and expertise waiting to be found and this creates the right platform for those in need of people that can render them such service.

Looking for the right salesman or even the appropriate tool for the task you have in mind can be quite a hassle but that is what Jiji is here to help with as you can have access to several qualified manufacturers in this field and choose that which would work best for you depending on the reviews you get and price that they are willing to sell to you independently or as a retailer in the market.


Firstly, we have the simple yet powerful utility knife or better yet jack knife, they are used to carry out a great deal of manual work that can be found in the home such as cutting and scraping hides, butchering of farm animals, reshaping of timber, scraping of fish scales amidst other things. Due to the type of tasks, it carries out, it tends to get dull so it comes with disposable blades that can be switched out for even sharper ones.

Another power tool we have is the electrical tools box which contains all the necessary toys an engineer or a student going for practical would surely love to play with. It is a well-arranged container that is portable for an engineer to carry around while completing assignments and duties.

The household ladder is yet another significant tool that comes in handy especially in the repairs or switching out of a dead bulb or some ceiling wiring that went wrong. It creates access by having a firm grip and base on the floor of the building allowing the user to climb and do what needs to be done.

Other handy power tools you can find include an engraving pen, brush cutting machine, Agric garden tools set, 12 ‘G’ clamp, tamping rammer, combination plier, heavy-duty socket spanner, grinding machine, and a whole lot of other tools.


The beauty of this platform and its purpose of awareness is so that no matter what state you reside in or wherever you may need these services or tools you would always find a qualified and trusted supplier nearby. They are tested and trusted power tools of brand-new status and can be found in most homes by engineers, in industrial plants, warehouses, engineering facilities and many more scattered across the whole country waiting to be requested and ordered which are immediately delivered to the inputted address.

It is advisable to check thoroughly and have a foreknowledge on the supplier and the type of products being requested and their use before placing an order and making payments.

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