Measuring & Layout Tools in Nigeria


Utmost productivity is the aim of every production service. However, the most significant and contributing factor towards constant productivity in every workplace is the tools provided to ensure a job well done.

Measuring kits are mostly used to estimate the physical quantities of real-world objects and events. On the other hand, layout equipment can be regarded as marking equipment and are used to scribe lines, measure lengths, center punch, and mark off angles, sections, and circles.

If you are on the lookout for marking out and estimation tools in Nigeria, there are lots for sale on Jiji to help companies stay precise and accurate during evaluations.

Who Needs Measuring And Layout Tools?

Whether you’re looking to determine the nearest yard or the nearest nanometer, measurement services are essential for just about every industry out there. It is not only critical for accuracy and precision but also to make sure you comply with regulations.

Here are a few industries in Nigeria with which marking out and estimation is necessary for the survival of its day-to-day operation.

The automotive industry

A lot of progress in the auto industry over the years is credited to the advancement in measurement operations. Car specs like speedometers and many other vehicle production phases such as development, blueprinting, testing, manufacturing are all possible with torque sensors that provide real-time measurements.

Pharmaceutical Companies

This perfectly explains the importance of precision. Evaluations in the pharmaceutical companies can not afford to go wrong. Else, the consequence will be unbearable. This is why digital sensors, custom load cells, and other measuring apparatuses are specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications.

Power Industry

Calibration is used in every aspect of the power industry, most especially to compare the output of various assets and the efficiency of the plants. Fossil fuel, hydroelectric processes use torque sensors, strain gauging services, horsepower sensors on large industrial types of equipment as well as smaller ones.

Types Of Measuring And Layout Tools

Check Meter: This is a precision-based meter that uses a processor to evaluate the electric usage of a particular place.

Diagnostic Equipment: They can be used when you need to perform actuation tests, read a car’s data stream and carry out other special functions.

Surveying Equipment: These are primarily designed with laser pointing function and high precision machinery for increased accuracy and stability.

Wheel Alignment Equipment: This is a workshop tool for vehicle alignment.

HART Communicators: This combines with HART-enabled “master” and “field” devices to run diagnostic issues before they become severe. They also configure and calibrate instruments and equipment for communications.


In general, measuring and layout tools are very important in virtually all major industries. You can check out Jiji if you want to buy any of the evaluation equipment mentioned above.

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