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The HP Pavilion is another efficient laptop on a budget. The design is not an imposing one, yet the Alien green backlit keyboard and matte black finish, make the device truly awesome! Moreover, HP brought some retro feel to it with 1980s sci-fi front. The touchpad is, though, not an outstanding one. Most game fans have to connect a mouse to it for a better commanding. And if we compare its weight and size with its competitors, we shall realize how convenient it will be to take this laptop with you wherever you go.

The HP Pavilion is equipped with a 6-th gen Intel Core i7 Skylake processor. Here again, the speed won't amaze or leave your jaw fallen down. It takes quite long for the Windows 10 to load, for instance.

The 15.6-inch display is Full HD and great for game playing. Both the color definition and text accuracy, as well as the angle views, are all great. So is the audio system. It delivers distinct and clear sounding that will fill a room of medium size.

What disappoints one most in the HP Pavilion is its short battery life. On a single charging, the laptop will last only up to three hours. During this time, you will only manage to play a couple of your favorite game levels and do some internet browsing.

So, the overall verdict for the device is more than positive. And in spite of the 8 GB of RAM, which may be not enough for playing some advanced games, this notebook is definitely worth purchasing (especially when the remarkable low price is considered).

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