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A piece of equipment that assists other pieces of equipment. Smartphone accessories, for example, include phone covers, chargers, and cords. Laptop bags, cables, screen cleaners, and USB drives are examples of computer accessories, however, the latter may also be considered a peripheral device.

Any device that can be attached to a computer that adds a new function or feature, but is not necessary. A nice example of such an accessory is a computer printer, which allows you to print from your computer. A computer, on the other hand, would function even if it did not have a printer.

Below, is a listing of computer accessories;

Gamepad, Headphones, Joystick, Microphone, MIDI keyboard, Mouse pad, Printer, Projector, Remote, Scanner, Speakers, Surge protector, Webcam, Wrist rest.

History and background of computer accessories

The evolution of computing hardware can be traced from the earliest rudimentary calculators to today's computers. Humans performed the majority of calculations before to the twentieth century. Calculating machines or calculators were the titles given to early mechanical equipment that assisted people with digital computations, such as the abacus (and other proprietary names). The com operator was the name given to the machine operator.

The original calculators were entirely mechanical devices that needed the operator to set up the beginning values of a simple arithmetic operation before manipulating the gadget to acquire the output. Personal computers, and subsequently mobile computers (smartphones and tablets) became popular in the 1990s and 2000s as computer costs dropped.


Some Computer Accessories available for sale in Nigeria on Jiji are Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, Wireless Transmitter Receiver, Ergostand Laptop cooling pad, 80,000mah Mobile Laptop Power bank, B46F Illuminated Keyboard Light, Logitech Brio Uhd 4K Webcam, Gaming Mousepads, Laptop Skin or Sticker, Anti Blue Light Computer Glass, Smart Mini Gps Tracker Gf-07 Audio Listening Device, Digitalpersona Fingerprint Scanner, USB-C 8in1 Dock Station, Aluminium Foldable Laptop Stand an d lots more. The technical specifications and features of HP Laserjet 1320 also available for sale on Jiji is listed below.

Print technology

Monochrome Laser

Print speed

Up to 21 ppm (A4)


133 MHz, Motorola V4 Coldfire


16 MB Expandable to 144 MB through 1 industry-standard DIMM slot

Print quality

True 1200 x 1200 dpi

Duty cycle

Up to 10,000 pages per month

Print margins

Top: 4 mm, left: 4 mm, right: 4 mm, bottom: 4 mm

Media types

Plain paper, envelopes, transparencies, cardstock, postcards, labels

Power consumption

Active: 345 watts; standby/powersave: 6 watts; off: 0 watt

Printer management

HP Toolbox, HP Embedded Web Server, HP Web Jetadmin

How to maintain your computer accessories

Clean the keyboard and casing you’d be shocked how much dust and debris collects beneath the keys on your keyboard. A variety of filthy particles can clog your keyboard, from food crumbs to dog hairs to dust and dirt, and anything else that can fit between the keys. This generally results in buttons that are sticky or difficult to press.

Padding computer accessories with padding. Everyone has been there: drops, bumps, and slips create unsightly cosmetic dings on your computer, making it appear less-than-loved. If you're like most people who travel with their computer, protecting it from accidents while packing it into a carry-on can seem impossible. An open laptop is prone to all of the hazards of travel that you'd wish to avoid. A protective case is the first step in protecting your computer from the elements. There are several types of protection available, each with varying amounts of armor and functionality.

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