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It is a high performance female urination device. With this product, it is no longer necessary to sit down on dirty public toilets or hover above them in a potentially embarrassing way. Just wear it and have all the fun you want! Use it at concerts, fairs, sporting events, camping trips and many more occasions where a simple trip to the restroom can be a giant hassle. It's so easy to use. And now that they have an extension tube for those gals who need extra length for those hard to reach places.


It's never been easier to go on your daily journey with dignity! Now you can enjoy all the fun of public restrooms without risking embarrassment. Just wear this high-performance female urination device and have no more worries about having an uncomfortable situation at every restroom stop along the way - because it will take care of everything for you, including helping keep yourself cleaner than ever before by using gravity as opposed t osquatting over dirty toilets or hover nearby them while still being able catch some shut eye until needed again (if applicable). It even comes equipped with extension tubes so that taller ladies like me don't need worry about not reaching far enough when required.


1. It will enable you to go wherever the moment takes you.

2. You can wear it with confidence in most public restrooms.

3. It is equipped with extension tubes for tall women.

4. It allows you to maintain your dignity while out in public.

You'll be able to stand up straight and tall, look around, drink water or even sit down if need be instead of hovering over dirty toilets or sitting on them when too tired to care anymore. It is lightweight and easy to use with no assembly required at all . Just attach the tube, make sure it's secure by giving it a gentle tug then just relax knowing that you are ready for anything that this day brings! And now they have an option specifically designed for children too.

Reasons why you should buy GO-GIRL URINATION DEVICE on

1. It's easy to use and no assembly required!

2. It's lightweight and durable, too.

3. It comes in a cute pink color for us girls who prefer something more on the girly side at times .

4. Now there is an option designed especially for children as well!

5. And it has two extension tubes so that every woman can stand up straight while doing her business without feeling awkward or shy about any of the goings-on around her if need be.

6. The tube is long enough to reach wherever you need to go without worry - including restrooms with multiple stalls!

7. Drainage holes allow water to drain away from your feet through a bottom collection cup that can


1. Be sure to wash it out with soap and water after each use .

2. If you plan on using the device repeatedly in the same day, then just give your GO-GIRL a quick rinse off in either warm or cold water in between uses but do not use wipes because they contain chemicals that will stay behind and may irritate your skin.

3. And always be sure to let it air dry before putting it back into its carrying case for safe keeping .

4. Do not put it in direct sun or a very hot place, like inside of your car on a summer day because the heat will melt the adhesive and allow water.


I'm glad that there is now a device like this because it really does allow us to be out and about without constantly worrying about where the nearest restroom is or whether it's going to be private enough to go inside, let alone using one of those dirty, germ filled porta-pottys ever again! It just makes life so much easier for us ladies who have no other option than having to use public restrooms, especially when taking long road trips across country or flights overseas where clean facilities are at a minimum compared.

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