Toyota Solara in Nigeria

Toyota Solara review in Nigeria

Are you looking for a car for fast driving? Then Toyota Solara is the right choice for you! This model was in production during ten years – from 1999 to 2009. Based on the Toyota Camry, it was a two-door vehicle, significantly different in design with some elements of running gear (slightly more powerful engines, a modified suspension). There are models with rigid roof and models with hinged roof made of cloth, which allows you to turn the car into a cabriolet.

Toyota Solara specs

Solara is a sports-style and safe vehicle. Its design sticks to youth sport style: the elongated body with a low front part, flattened shape of its base and a pronounced slope. Safety is achieved by the bodywork. In addition to the energy absorbing parts compensating front and rear shocks, designers implemented a system of energy absorption zones in order to protect cars from side impacts.

Quite a lot of people drive Solara, though it wasn’t manufactured long enough. The first thing that comes to mind, when you think about the advantages, is stylish interior design and big trunk. It is a vibrant and sturdy car. When you drive out on a highway, your trip starts to remind a rest. It may be not the model for racing, but you can completely rely on it during long-distance journeys. You can be sure to enjoy every drive.

The car is attractive and beautiful. It is safe. It is the car you won’t regret buying. Owners claim that these vehicles can serve you several years without requiring any fixing or maintenance works. Both driver and passengers feel comfortable, for salon is quite roomy. All standard functions and specifications are available even in the simplest kitting. Drives are quiet and smooth; fuel consumption level is a pleasant surprise.

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