Toyota Sienna 2010 in Nigeria

The Toyota Sienna is still one of the smartest minivans on the road, the used Toyota Sienna is your choice for versatility, safety, and reliability. It is spacious enough to house up to eight passengers. Unlike other competitors, the Sienna offers an all-wheel-drive that will help you maintain your footing on a slippery road.

Pre-owned second-hand cars, used cars, tokunbo vehicles, call it what you want, but buying second-hand vehicles are always great options for the budget-conscious, Nigerian driver. And why not? A used car can be a great option if you’ve always wanted a particular model, but could only afford it at its depreciated price.

Finding a good quality used car has nothing to do with luck, but with careful research and observation skills. Understanding what to look for in a used car will help save you costly automotive repairs down the road, so make sure you know what to inspect when buying a second-hand car. Here are some of our used car buying tips:

Do your research

Make sure to look for car models that have already proven their reliability on the road. Check out internet car forums, vehicle reviews, and other sites. Do some background research.

Oftentimes, you’ll come across specific trouble spots and weaknesses of the car, so make a note of them, and pay special attention to these areas when you do your inspection. It’s also a good time to research the car’s resale value in the market. This helps you to pay the car for what it’s truly worth.


Inspecting a used car is extremely important, and the more thorough you are, the better. Whenever possible, ask a mechanic to go with you when you do your used car inspection. Do the inspection in broad daylight, and do it on a dry day. The car should also be standing on a level surface, and shouldn’t have been driven at least an hour before you do the inspection.

Interior and Exterior

A car’s interior is also significant since it’s where you’re going to spend most of your time. So you should be conscious enough to check the smell of the car. Also, thoroughly check the materials covering the seats for any damage, and don't forget to check underneath them.

It’s natural for a car’s exterior to have some minor imperfections since it’s the one that absorbs everything—from bad weather, harsh sun, and even unruly drivers. You should ensure that the general body form is not dented, scratched, or rusted in any way. You can also check if the car has been used often by opening and closing the vehicle doors. If the hinges seem loose might be an indication that the vehicle has been used for a while.

Checking under the hood of the car is a necessity too. If your knowledge about engines is lacking, then it's best to go with a mechanic to check it out for you.

Another thing to include in your used car inspections is glass. Check for cracks or dented areas. Tiny nicks and chips on windows are not a cause for concern, although you can use it as a bargaining point to lower down the vehicle’s price. However, cracks in the windshield will become worse over time, so this could become a potential problem for you in the long run.

Regular tires should be even across the tread width and the left and ride sides of cars. They should also match. If the wear is severe on the drive wheels, then it’s a sign that the driver didn’t regularly rotate the wheels.

Check for leaks in the exhaust system by looking for black spots. Run your fingers inside the exhaust, and if you see a film of greasy grime, then it’s a big problem. Another bad sign is a white vapor, which indicates that something is wrong with the engine.

Jiji brings you only the best but you should also be cautious and take precautions when meeting an online dealer. Never send out money when you have not inspected and received your car. Have fun as you shop on Jiji today.

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