Toyota Picnic in Nigeria

Toyota Picnic specifications

Toyota Picnic is one of the classic Toyota’s minivans – nice-looking, comfortable, and reliable. The car was developed as a “sequel” for Carina, using its specifications as a basis and adding a list of significant improvements.

This is a 5-door minivan with excellent capacity. Picnic is an excellent car for drives with big companies, as there is enough room for 4-7 people. This is one of specifications making it a perfect family car. Quite big and multifunctional passenger compartment and seats construction are main advantages here. In addition to that, you can choose and change the capacity and quantity of seats. Seats of the back row (the third row) can be installed or taken out, depending on the quantity of passengers and luggage you need to carry. Such feature doesn’t affect the safety level, which is quite high, by the way: it earned 4 points out of 5 possible. Safety bags and anti-block system were one of the best at the moment when a car was released. Besides, in terms of assembly quality, Picnic belongs to the best Toyota’s vehicles.

Toyota Picnic debuted in Europe in 1996. It may be not the most beautiful, astonishing and exquisite car, but the sales rate still claim undeniable popularity. What is the reason? Excellent practicality, quality, and price combination. Actually, the exterior is pretty recognizable. Toyota’s family features are clearly visible: oblique lamps, highlighted radiator grill, square backlights, and bumper slowly changing into plastic guards. Silver color only ads to familiar style. And it doesn’t seem boring or too plain. It is familiar, and thus reliable.

Where to buy Toyota Picnic?

Thanks to Jiji, Nigeria has got one more great car on its roads. Toyota Picnic comes in a limited edition. Its manufacturing lasted only for several years. Nevertheless, during this short term it managed to gain reputation of a reliable, safe, and convenient car for rides with family and friends. It is now available on the biggest classifieds of Nigeria at pleasantly surprising price. On Jiji, you can find a used car and get even more advantages you could expect. So, why Toyota Picnic? Because every ride will remind a pleasant weekend with your dearest people. That’s how it really feels.

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