Toyota Avensis in Nigeria

Toyota Avensis review in Nigeria

Toyota Avensis was introduced in 1997. It immediately became very popular all over the world.

The car of D-Class is full of surprises. According to the results of 2003 crush tests, it became the safest car of the year. But that is not the end of this story. Avensis fairly gained 34 points of 36 possible, and there is no car, which could have shown better results yet. One of the reasons is its unique safety system. Cars are equipped with nine safety bags, including knee protection, and each reacts differently, depending on the speed and the intensity of crush.

It is really convenient that developers decided to produce two lines of vehicles – basic and lux. Both of them come in several different variations with different kitting, providing more options for potential buyers.

When the owners talk about Toyota Avensis, one of the first things they admit is how easy it goes both in the city and on the track. The third generation of this car seems to be the most comfortable one, but it is also more expensive in terms of service. Owners also admit roomy trunk, economical consumption, and qualitative car interior as its top three advantages.

The newest Toyota Avensis is a car, where everything is planned to the smallest details – starting from modern active safety systems and effective engines to exquisite interior and dynamic exterior. It is a clear message that you don’t have to look for anything else. Smart technologies are easy to use and designed with the purpose to make every ride more comfortable and interesting. It doesn’t matter whether you are heading for a business meeting or for adventure weekend and camping with your family. There is enough room for all your things, and everyone will feel cozy.

Toyota Avensis on Jiji!

If you open Jiji, Nigeria will confirm the status as the country, which praises good vehicles. It is the best marketplace with thousands of ads. Finding a car for you will not be difficult. Except from diverse tags and filters, you can communicate directly with the sellers and find out everything you are interested in. Jiji works and functions like an ordinary market, which moved to a better spot. You will do, too, right after you see the perfect combination of price and quality and realize that Toyota Avensis is not just a dream anymore.

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