Toyota Avalon in Nigeria

Toyota Avalon specifications

Toyota Avalon was introduced in 1994. It is Toyota’s principal full-size sedan, based on a stretched Camry platform There are two types of this version – sedan (also known as saloon) and station wagon (estate, combi).

This model is manufactured in the USA and is the flagman of American representation of Toyota. Compact car for five passenger is known for being a cost-effective and impressive. These vehicles guarantee low fuel consumption rates, eye-catching or even stunning look and impressive technological solutions. Harmonic horizontal lines of the exterior and touch panels instead of the ordinary keys and controls on a dashboard – needless to say more. Climate and cruise control, emergency systems and road movement detectors come in every kitting.

Avalon is not just the perfect combination of comfort and safety. It is also the bright example of the evolution of design and technical capabilities. Speaking poetically, it is like a sculpture – the one, which master tries to make perfect and succeeds with every touch. In addition to everything else, it was awarded with five stars in general rating.

Avalon is about driving with style. Sophisticated details with LED elements, soft crafted leather seats and even more user-friendly interface than it was before let its owners see what real pleasure means. It is a car, which came out straight from the TV screen, and now you are the one feeling magnificent while driving on the highway on high speed. If you are departing for a long trip, it is undoubtedly the right car to choose!

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