Nissan Primera in Nigeria

Nissan Primera review in Nigeria

Nissan Primera appeared in 1994 as the successor of Bluebird model, manufactured by the same motor company. It is available in several versions – sedan, hatchback, and wagon. While wagon doesn’t have anything in common with two other models, they are almost identical in terms of interior and engines, though are completely different cars.

Wagon is much more reliable, first of all because of the special rear axle, which seems impossible to run out. On the other hand, steering is not as clear as it is in smaller vehicles, and you will need some time and experience to handle it with confidence. Suspension is stiff but comfortable. What is also great is that you shouldn’t worry about stability. Complex construction guarantees that the car isn’t going to lean on one side even at sharp turns.

The first Primeras in early 90s had an absolutely plain look and quite simple construction. Simplicity, functionality and comfort are three main Primera’s features. Another significant point is security – one of the major achievements of the latest generation.

Basic kitting of this version corresponds to high requirements of D-class. When checking out the car, a potential buyer finds electric glass and mirrors, seats and mirrors heating, six safety airbags, foglamps, climate control system, leather finishing of the wheel, audio system with CD payer and wheel control function, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist system, and a rear camera with the color display. It takes only a few minutes for such collection of features to turn a potential buyer into actual buyer.

Nissan Primera features

Nevertheless, the best way to discover a car is to talk with its owners. And they admit that with Nissan Primera you can go for a long trip without any doubts or worries. At the same time, it is good-looking and, what is very important, cost-effective. Fuel consumption isn’t high, and repairs will not be costly either, especially if you pay enough attention to your vehicle during its exploitation regularly.

Nissan Primera is a reasonable investment worth making. The car is ergonomic and stable on the road. As you can see on Jiji, Nigeria is one of those numerous countries, where it gained considerable popularity. And no wonder, especially if we take into account all shopping benefits this service can offer. Find your own car at the biggest marketplace in Nigeria and enjoy your rides.

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