Nissan Murano in Nigeria

Technology has advanced to the stage where you can buy anything online with ease, including cars. Jiji is one of the most trustworthy platforms in Nigeria, where you can purchase cars stress-free. Visit the website today and search for the vehicle of your choice. If you decide to buy a Nissan Murano, you can use the filter tool to adjust the options shown to you. You can adjust the filter tool on the condition of the car if you want to buy a brand new car or the tokunbo version of the automobile. You can further adjust the price and color of the vehicle to fit your specifications. With the multiple choices presented to you, you can compare the prices of cars and eliminate the options that are above your budget. Before you go ahead and finalize that deal, here are some things to consider before making payment for any used car:


Purchasing a vehicle can be a tough decision and a stressful process, which is why a lot is put into consideration before the final purchase to make the process as smooth as possible. Before you get in contact with the automobile dealer, carry out adequate research about the vehicle. Research on the current market value of the car and how much the resale value is. You need to have this important information before getting in contact with the dealer.


Purchasing an automobile is a necessary purchase, which is why finances should be the first thing you consider before you begin searching for potential vehicles to buy. The price of the automobile should fit comfortably into your budget.

The amount of money set aside for the vehicle will determine if you are buying a tokunbo car or a brand new car. It is essential that you set realistic goals with your budget. Exceeding your set budget can pose a stumbling block in the future, especially if you have minimal savings. Any sudden event that causes your income or savings to drop can be a problem because you have overextended your budget on buying a car.

Research everything before taking any action

Make use of the internet. Do a lot of research on the kind of car that you want. Read customers’ reviews as well as experts’ reviews of the car. You would most likely know if a car is good for you from the research.

Also, research the credibility of the car dealership you’re planning to deal with. There are a lot of credible websites where you can buy cars with the rest of the mind. Jiji Nigeria is an example of such a website.

Do not be deceived by looks

What you see online might not be what you find in reality when you’re checking out the car.

Start the car and see if you’re feeling any discernible vibrations. If you are, that’s another red light. If the car is an automatic transmission car, try to shift the gear to drive or reverse while firmly pressing down the brake pedal. If there are any sudden jerks or movements, that’s another red light.

Step out of the before turning off the engine and check the exhaust fumes. If you’re seeing the slightest signs of soot, that’s another red light.

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