Nissan Armada in Nigeria

Nissan Armada specs and facts

Nissan Armada (formerly known as Pathfinder Armada) was developed especially for North American market, and thus completely describes the requirements of locals. It is a full-sized SUV manufactured since 2004. This seven-passenger SUV is also available in a pickup version, known under the name “Nissan Titan”. There was only one considerable disadvantage: Nissan Armada (as well as its main rival Infiniti QX56, by the way) had a problem with the brakes, which, according to experts, questioned reliability of this car in the whole. However, the issue was resolved during restyling in 2008.

Cars of this line are big and ergonomic. Among the other things, the owners are satisfied with a spar frame and independent rear suspension, which fastened on double wishbone. They provide good ride and handling for vehicles, especially taking into account the car’s size. Interior is spacious and distinctive by modern ergonomic features, which put the SUV in the line of smart vehicles. A lot of thought went into the design of every little part, detail and component, making single one of them ultimately functional. All seats are easily adjusted, making it easy to deal with long distances and forget about any discomfort. Nissan Armada doesn’t belong to the cars with high operating cost. Parts are relatively inexpensive, while the level of fuel consumption isn’t as high as it may be for a SUV.

Difficulties may arise only from the longtime exploitation. Well, it is even complicated to call a problem, for everything is solved by cleaning an injector and replacing the spark plug and fuel filters. And don’t forget about the regular oil change!

Nissan Armada on Jiji!

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