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Nissan Almera review in Nigeria

The 1st generation of Nissan Almera left a conveying machine at the end of 1995 as the alternative for Nissan Sunny. In fact, it was almost identic to Pulsar N15. While the latter model was sold in Japan, Almera was targeted for European and North American markets. The major differences lied in fuel engines and their variations. Diverse engines were suggested for 3-, and 5-door hatchbacks and 4-door sedans.

These hatchbacks won British market, which was a bit unexpected, as sedans still traditionally prevailed in Ireland and other regions. Nevertheless, there was something in common for all models. They were equipped with steering booster, driver’s safety bags, and stereo systems. A lot of kinds of kitting existed during production, but most of them included something more than rivals could offer. Almera, as well as the majority of Japanese models, provides the best quality and reliability.

In 2000, the 2nd generation came out and was modernized already in two years later. Budget versions of Nissan Almera were designed for several countries, taking into account the peculiarities of roads, destinations, and lifestyles in general.

Almera has been designed as a reliable car for long-term service. Descent comfort level and confidence of the roads, high reliability and years of exploitation ensure long years of faultless service. The newest technologies used for Almera make you feel comfortable on any road. Increased road clearance makes driving smooth and advanced mountain allows to preserve good steerability and silence in the passenger compartment. With modern informational entertaining system you will always remain aware of the latest news, drive only in the right direction and enjoy your favorite music from the best radio stations. There’s enough room for comfortable ride of five adult passengers.

Almera is a compact model of C-class and symphonious name, harmonious with sea and Mediterranean, generated specially by a computer program. And with a help of a computer it can be found and bought within minutes. All you need is to open Jiji – the biggest classifieds and the most convenient marketplace in Nigeria. Everything is simple: type the name in a search line, choose an ad about a new car or a used one, contact a seller and get nice wheels. Thanks to Jiji, Nigeria has got its own piece of Mediterranean and its own first-class vehicles. Choose comfort and reliability. Choose Nissan Almera on

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