Mini Cooper in Nigeria

Like every other BMW model, the Mini Cooper has that look, feeling, and viewpoint that can never be unmistakable. In general, they are a comparatively affordable vehicle, and they have the tendency to retain their outstanding resale value after a period.

The Mini Cooper has some of the great specs you can ever dream of in a car. In this article, we have given them to you without leaving out what will cost you to be an owner of the Mini Cooper in Nigeria for a very cheap and reasonable price. 

History of the Mini Cooper

The Mini was birthed in 1959 due to fuel scarcity in Britain due to the 1959 Suez Crisis. To free Britain from this unfavorable crisis, Leonard Lord of the British Motor Company (BMC) made moves to produce a cheap, small, and totally economical city car called the Mini. 

It made so much in huge sales not only in Britain but around the globe as it turned out to be a fashion icon.

Here is the reason you need to buy

The Mini Cooper is paramountly known for its admirable economy. That has been made achievable due to smart manufacturing and its reduced size. 

While they are economical in fuel usage, they are also effective investments as it can do more than their cost if properly sustained by specialists and with the use of certified parts. The Mini Cooper is also a flash to ride. Its 1.6-liter engine produces more than enough power required to shoot the Mini Cooper to thrilling speeds while maintaining control and stability. 

The Mini Cooper, since its inception, has been known for allowing a shocking amount of space into its subcompact structure. The back seats can make way to have 24 cubic feet of load space just behind two sizeable front row seats.

To get your way with your Mini Cooper, you have to make sure that you get an expert to repair possible complications just before they compound.

How much will the Mini Cooper cost you, and what are your choices?

Are you already pondering the kind of Mini Cooper model for you? You can select from the widespread options, including the Classic Mini, the Powerful Mini, and the Big Mini.

To check out how much the Mini Cooper will cost, you only have to check out its availability and the different models for sale on Jiji. We guarantee you won't be spending so much! 

The Tokunbo or Foreign used as well as the Nigerian Used cost between #1.2 million and #11.5 million only. The price is dependent on the production year and the desired model! 

Now is the time to get yours! Log on immediately!

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