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What is Lexus GX? To say in short, it is a luxurious mid-size SUV presented by Lexus in 2002. But there’s much more to that story.

The premiere of this model took place on a motor show in Detroit. It was a sensational car built on a completely new platform. With the help of adjusted AVS bracket, a driver can pull a car body up during riding in off-road conditions, and it automatically squeezes up against the ground when driving on a highway. Together with 4.7 l engine, it made Lexus GX one of the fastest and most dynamic vehicles in its class.

You don’t need to think for a long time why GX should become your choice. It seems to be created for overcoming the hardest routes and parts of any road. This model allows you to ride with comfort and confidence even on the highest speeds.

Futuristic look, decorative interior elements, the latest audio and impressive multimedia features are a good bonus for advanced kitting. The owners of these cars are very satisfied with what they get. The price is considerable, as well as the fuel consumption. On the other hand, people don’t decide to buy a Lexus if they cannot afford dealing with it. Comfort and reliability are the first admitted among advantages, as well as beautiful car interior, powerful engine, and good soundproof features. And speaking about disadvantages, owners aren’t really able to name any of those.

  • Lexus GX features

In general, the main purpose of design engineers was to create a SUV, where both the driver and the passengers would feel equally comfortable while driving on a highway and off-road. Lexus GX was tested in the areas with the most difficult terrain passability in the world, and it proved that it is ready to deal with any conditions.

Lexus GX is a great car to drive along the roads of Nigeria. And thanks to Jiji, Nigeria is lucky enough to experience it. The biggest classifieds in the country make us believe in miracles: here you can find thousands of offers, and Lexus GX is represented by new and used models. It is affordable for you now, and by saying that - we mean it. Find your own Lexus today!

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