Kia Picanto in Nigeria

  1. Kia Picanto specifications

The Kia Picanto is a popular mini hatchback car that has a pretty smart look and guarantees a quality feel. Perhaps the most noticeable advantages of the model include the seven-year warranty and the premium cabin quality. Though the plastic used is not so expensive, it looks and feels good. The dashboard has a good design and layout, which is very important for drivers. What else attracts in the Picanto, is the premium comfortability you get both as a driver and a passenger. Besides providing above-required legroom and headroom, the car also offers decent storage places. And if you plan to have constant passengers in your car, there is no need to search further - Kia Picanto is what you need.  

The vehicle is available with either a 1.25-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 84 hp, or a 1.0-liter three-cylinder one with 68 hp. These engines may seem not very powerful but they are quite suitable for city driving. Kia Picanto provides a smooth and silent ride which is accompanied with a remarkable fuel economy. The gearbox for the model is a manual one with an automatic coming as an optional one. Yet, it is not advised to use the latter as the manual one perfectly goes with the car's specifications.

The tidy dimensions of the Picanto along with the perfect visibility and light controls make this car a perfect one for city driving. It is easy to drive at low speeds (though some test drives showed the Picanto did well at high speeds, too). Anyway, the greatest disadvantage of the poor handling and steering.

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