Kia Cerato in Nigeria

Kia Cerato review in Nigeria

Kia Cerato is relatively a young car that emerged in 2004 in Southern Korea. Vehicles of the 1st generation were produced in sedan and hatchback variations. In 2009, the car was released in an advanced version, widely known all around the world as Kia Forte. However, Cerato saved its name and was sold as one on several markets. Actually, it doesn’t matter what name is more popular. All that matters is comfort, safety and reliability offered by Kia.

In summer 2012, Kia Motors announced a new (and the latest so far) generation of vehicles, known as Kia K3 on native market. The car was equipped with Hyundai Elantra’s platform and engines.

Kia Cerato is a power of innovation in a new bright light. Combining a technical perfection, innovative technologies, and exceptional style all together it creates a masterpiece. It is unexpected and impressive  in every aspect, starting from technical improvements for every generation to presentations at the car shows. The 3rd Cerato, for instance, emerged from the fire and ice, leaving guests amazed and astonished. Nevertheless, such presentations come just as bonuses. The car impresses by its appearance from the first look.

Legendary Peter Shrier managed to create catchy and elegant design, sturdy and determined. These features make its owner stand out. And you haven’t even checked specifications and kitting yet! This car won’t leave you unnoticed on the road. Its bright individuality and charisma drive a lot of attention and help you to be unique.

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