Infiniti Qx4 in Nigeria

  • Infiniti QX4 features

Prestigious image, extra comfort and luxury-class kitting. Yes, we are talking about Infiniti QX4. As well as the majority of Infiniti cars, this model is an advanced version of Nissan – modernized and richly decorated Nissan Terrano SUV, to be precise. It wasn’t produced for a long time. Introduced in 1996, it was completely taken out of production eight years later. Developers explained their decision by the outdated design. However, this model was the first attempt to introduce Infinity on SUV market, and it worked well.

During these eight years, the world saw two generations of QX4. The initial model was a standard mid-size SUV with powerful integrated subframe, longitudinally mounted engine, basic rear-wheel drive, independent front suspension, hard rear axle on springs with a system of five longitudinal and diagonal levers. Leather interior design emphasized the understanding of luxury at that time.

Several years after that, QX4 has passed its way through restyling. Unlike its budget ancestor, this car offered a touch of glamour by the natural leather and walnut panels. Rich kitting was another factor that made it different from more affordable Nissans.

When speaking about Infiniti QX4, the owners always admit its reliability, comfort and good sound insulation. If vehicles of this line have some disadvantages, it is a quite high fuel consumption. As for the rest, it is an ideal option for a person, who is fond of driving and likes to spend time behind the wheel. Ergonomic passenger interior is full of smart little things. It is a car that will not let you down.

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