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Right after Hyundai Sonata was introduced outside Korea at the end of 1980s, where it has been successfully sold for over 3 years, it became one of the sensations and best-selling models worldwide. Nowadays, seven generations have been already introduced, each improved and better than the previous one. And Hyundai doesn’t intend to stop.

For a long time, this car was designed and produced by Korean manufacturers on their own. As a result, the world could feel what Korean quality and caring attitude mean. A breaking point happened in the mid-90s, after the model was restyled and has got all necessary basic elements of kitting. Safety bags, ABS, cruise control, conditioner with climate control functions, distant control function – anything the modern user got used to. So you don’t have to worry about specifications, everything is included.

When you start composing the list of all pros and cons, you end up realizing that Sonata offers high comfort level at low price. A nice pecularity, isn’t it? No wonder that a car with spacious passenger compartment, good control features, original design, ultimate kitting, and an attractive price quickly found a lot of buyers.

While Hyundai Sonata remained a confident model with smooth rides on high speed for years, with time it was greatly modernized. Developers managed to make Sonata a competitive car, distinctive by its harmonic and up-to-date design and specifications. After numerous attempts to make this model optimally practical and comfortable, users have got an increased safety level, new details in the interior, flowing lines, chrome finishing and an overall elegant look. ABS, stability control and TCS with newly planned and restyled dashboard, and a modernized kitting indicate the long road to perfection – long and successful road!

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