Hyundai I10 in Nigeria

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Drivers searching for spacious, stylish and practical city cars are advised to consider purchasing Hyundai i10. Though other rival city cars are less expensive, this model is available with an impressive line of standard equipment and a soothing five-year warranty. Among the strongest points of i10, we can count the practical and comfortable interior. Both the rear seats and boot space (252 liters) are spacious. This five-door city vehicle has an interior greatly advanced as compared with its predecessor. The old one had mainly gray plastic cabin, whilst the new version features a burst of delicate color and a fascinating design.

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Hyundai i10 offers two engine options to choose from - a three-cylinder 1.0-liter one that produces 66 horsepower (this engine is not a fast one as it accelerates 0-60mph in 14.9 seconds), and a four-cylinder 1.2-liter one releasing 87horsepower. This engine is definitely more developed yet less economical. It rides 57.6mpg whilst the first engine type - 60-65mpg.

What concerns the safety level, Hyundai i10 features all the necessary equipment including stability control, seat belt warnings, speed limiter, etc. As an optional variant, you can order a system that monitors the tire pressure. Having a sensible price, the car requires low insurance cost and low road tax.

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