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  • Hyundai Elantra review in Nigeria

During twenty years of Hyundai Elantra’s existence, it won and broke many hearts. Some fall in love with this car because of its unique design, while others quickly become disappointed and decide to change a car. It is the situation, when you either love or hate it – there is no other option to treat the key and bulking cars of the leading Korean brand.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting things to know. For instance, according to the results of the tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, Elantra is in the list of top ten most fuel–efficient vehicles. In 2008, it became the top pick model according to the Consumer Reports Magazine. A year later, it won the title of the best compact-class car, becoming a car of higher quality than the models represented by Toyota and Honda.

Hyundai Elantra features

But let’s get back to the “love and hate” matter. There are some strong and weak points concerning all features. Corrosion resistance, good trim and kitting, an adequate supply of space between the seats are confronted by possible problems with the chrome covering radiator grille in versions of 2010 and 2011 years, failure of the heating regulator flap and poor sound insulation. On the one hand, owners get reliable power units and worry-free transmission, but the choice of engine is too limited, and they all require additives to oil and fuel filters. Car suspension in general is good. However, rear springs are afraid of heavy loads, so shock absorbers are far from long-lasting. After 100,000 kilometers of rides, you may experience problems with parking brakes.

Despite all drawbacks, Hyundai Elantra is quite a strong player in its class. It suggests interesting equipment and design solutions. If you are wondering whether this model is available in Nigeria, open Jiji. Here you will find ads of new and used models at affordable prices. Many cars on the secondary market are in a good technical condition. With Jiji, Nigeria becomes an amazing place both for rides and shopping.

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