Honda Crosstour in Nigeria

Honda Crosstour review in Nigeria

Everyone wants to look irresistible while driving the city streets, and Honda has an ideal solution for your demands. Without much effort, you can be compelling with Honda Crosstour. It is a unique car, which came on sale in September, 2009. What makes it unique? The fact that Crosstour creates its own segment and represents a brand new class of vehicles.

The car is wide – 1900 mm, so you can make yourself comfortable, no matter whether you occupy a front or a back seat. Equipment and specifications are on a high level. USB, iPhone and iPod slot, navigation, DVD, heating of all seats, a rearview camera, dual-zone climate control, power adjustment of front seats – everything is included. And pleasant surprises don’t end yet: when you turn the reverse gear, the side mirrors go down – the function is certainly useful when driving and reverse parking. The rear view camera allows to see, what is happening behind the car and all around it. The quality of the picture is good even at nighttime.

Center console seems to be overloaded with buttons – that’s the only disadvantage. Nevertheless, the dashboard is readable and understandable, with nothing superfluous. Special attention is devoted to 460-liter trunk. Crosstour can compete with any SUV and crossovers by its clearance. One more advantage is AWD system Real Time 4WD, borrowed from the Honda Pilot. It helps to get through spaces and conditions, which sedan or station wagon are better to avoid.  

Crosstour belongs to the cars that choose speed as the main standard. Its automatic transmission is adaptive. After several consecutive presses on the floor it understands that kick-down is needed. At quiet driving, on the contrary, it switches silently and smoothly. There are services paddle shifters for manual gearbox, specially for those, who prefer a feeling of complete control. Fuel control system is an economy feature that shuts down three of the six cylinders for minimizing petrol expenses.

Honda Crosstour on Jiji!

Driving in Nigeria means you may need to get out on a long trip on the asphalt surface, rough terrain, or slight off-road paths. Crosstour fits perfectly for this. Thanks to Jiji, Nigeria is provided with a rich selection of those. Just take a Smartphone, and you may become an owner of a vehicle in a few minutes. Both new and used cars are available on Jiji. Don’t lose your chance to change the status from an ordinary pedestrian to an experienced driver.

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