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Ford Mustang is the company's pride. Once it stepped onto Europe's land, it seemed to gain a great approval both by car critics and drivers. Mustang is even considered Ford's best creation! This is not an exaggeration. The make has a line of advantages including the right-hand drive option, affordable cost, and a powerful renovated rear suspension. This vehicle is available in convertible and coupe forms.

Ford Mustang offers its buyers a choice of two engine types - a four-cylinder 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine for a glorious performance and budget-friendly rides, and a V8 5.0-liter engine, which is even more advanced in both price and expenditure.

Ford Mustang can also boast of a stylish, comfy and spacious interior. There is lots of space for both passengers and luggage. This classic muscle car features an impressively long front and short back. We can't say the make's interior is a luxury one, as only soft-touch plastic is used, while the metal-look trimming is disappointingly made of again plastic. Among the standard highlights, Mustang comes with we can count climate control, cruise control,  a touchscreen operating on voice, and many other amenities.

What else attracts Ford fans, is the officious ride with a remarkable body control Mustang provides. This car is not difficult to drive as it is a quick response to your directives.

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