Ford Galaxy in Nigeria

Ford Galaxy review in Lagos

Choosing a car is one of the most responsible decisions you are going to make. And it gets even more harsh, when you have to buy a car for the family rides. So what family cars are all about? As always, safety and comfort matter the most, but they are followed by a bunch of details – more or less significant, but quite noticeable if they are absent.

If you don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out what would fit better, just rely on us and consider Ford Galaxy. This minivan has been designed in 1995, and is produced since then. This model is positioned as a family car and is equipped with 7 seats. Vehicles of this line come with petrol and diesel engines, ranging from 2 to 2.3 liters in volume, and five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift function.

What are the benefits of buying Ford Galaxy? It is big and capacious – meaning enough room for everyone. The owners are satisfied by the capacity of both luggage and passenger compartments. What is more, Ford Galaxy provides interior transformation function, as well as the use of diverse useful and convenient niches and pockets.

Another Galaxy’s positive sign is a low fuel consumption, what makes it an economical option. The car is equally good on the long and short distances. The only thing people can complain for is its expensive car details. However, service will not become an issue of the great importance, for if you drive carefully, you won’t get any problems for a long time.

Is Ford Galaxy a good option for Nigeria? Of course, it is, especially if you decide to make a purchase on Jiji. Just click the search request and choose one for you. Thanks to Jiji, Nigeria discovered, how to get everything you need in a few minutes. You may be the next to discover all advantages of the modern online shopping, as well as the comfortable and modern rides.

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