Ford Fusion in Nigeria

Ford Fusion 2007 model: the best price
Debuted in 20016, the Ford Fusion was an immense success for the company. Ford once again felt the glory for its creation it hadn't experienced since 1980 when it manufactured Taurus. This powerful sedan of medium size immediately got approval from car critics and experts. They took for granted the stylish design, the quick-response driving dynamics, as well as the extensive cabin and firm built quality of this car. All drivers praise the sporty and enjoyable driving experience despite the fact this sedan is great for family rides. The car is a safe one you can trust on the count of the confident handling, as well as the sharp  steerage. Today the Fusion comes already equipped with an AWD system as well as in hybrid version, though the gasoline version provides an ideal balance of efficacy and strength.

Where to buy 2010 Ford Fusion

Jiji offers 18,743 ford fusion hybrid cars.
About 59% of these are Transmission automatic, 17% Condition Nigerian used, and 9% Condition foreign used. 
A wide variety of 2013 ford fusion se colour are available to you, such as black, blue, gold. 
The top supplying regions are Lagos State, Abuja (FCT) State, and Abia State. Buy ford fusion car, simply call or send the message to the Seller.

  • 2016 Ford Fusion specs and features

Ford uses four 2.5-liter engine releasing 175 hp and 175 lb-ft as a standard option for Fusion. Yet, there are two turbo 4-cylinder engines offered as optional one 1.5-liter for 181 hp, and the other 2.0-liter for 245 hp. The front wheel drive is standard, whilst the AWD - optional. The 6-speed auto transmission is also common for all Ford Fusion models. Nevertheless, if you seek for an athletic powerful handling, you may opt for the exclusive 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine for getting 325 hp. This car accelerates 0-60m in 7.3 seconds. It rides 22mpg in city and 34mpg on highways.

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