Chrysler 300 in Nigeria

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Those drivers who are searching for a luxury family sedan should never pass by Chrysler 300 indifferently. This large vehicle with five passenger seats can become a grandiose purchase, as it is both convenient and lavish at the same time. It comes as both rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive model. The origin of this prestigious make dates back to the 1950s. At those times it was not a significant success, hence disappeared from the market for half a century. Only in 2000s Chrysler 300 was again mass manufactured, yet this time with a tremendous success for the marque.

The latest 2016 model of this make is a wonderful combination of traditional American styling and latest technologies. This model guarantees a soft and serene ride even on rough pavements. The powerful V8 engine perfectly goes with the model's personality. Both the exterior and cabin look as well as feel are upscale! Chrysler used exceptionally top quality materials for constructing the interior of all 300 models. The touchscreen technology the vehicle is equipped with is quite easy and clear for usage. The safety techs are greatly enhanced, too.

Perhaps the only remarkable disadvantage of Chrysler 300 is the small rear window that does not let to see the back easily. The rear seat place is comfortable yet smaller than that of its most competitors, either.

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