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What is BMW X6? A lot of associations can come to mind, all related to high quality standards, reliability and comfort. Nevertheless, it is first of all distinctive by sports activity features in the first place.

X6 is one more BMW Car Company’s luxurious crossover. Being the representative of mid-sized cars line, it possesses all SUV’s features, including the big wheels and high-torque motor, supplemented by a high ground clearance. At the same time, signs of a coupe are still present, and you get a strong slant of the roof at the rear.

The company classifies the car as a SAC (which stands for ‘Sports Activity Coupe’) – the one that belongs to the vehicles, designed for recreation. It means that every ride will become the desired rest and a great adventure at the same time. It has been manufactured since 2008 (the first generation), and despite global financial crisis, the sales exceeded all expectations of the world marketers.

In 2012, this car has undergone a little modernization: design was slightly changed and newer options appeared.

If we tried to describe BMW X6 in a few words, it would be non-standard and expensive. BMW X6 can boast its transmission, which distinguishes by good and stable work as well as its wonderful running qualities. Among disadvantages, owners occasionally admit a limited passableness, stiff suspension, and a low roof.

If you like a non-standard cars, BMW X6 is the one for you. You won’t find anything like this. Just remember that the maintenance is not cheap and fuel consumption is quite big. Keep this in mind before you buy it. But is it worth it? Well, recall the luxurious and comfortable interior, and you’ll get the answer.

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