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“Can I ride with you in your BMW”, goes in one of the greatest Oasis’ hits. However, it’s not the song that makes this car such a great choice. The perfection is rooted back to the time, when the first BMW SUV appeared.

It was produced by German car company BMW in 1999. And it was the first SUV in the history of BMW. Since then, 3 generations of vehicles saw the world and continue provide a good service for their owners. It was described as the Sports Activity Vehicle, which would be an appealing model to people, who lead active lifestyles. However, BMW X5 is more suitable for high-speed driving on the roads of good quality thanks to the original kitting.

Owners ratings and feedback aren’t going to disappoint either. The owners of these cars admitted and emphasized their respectable acceleration, good sound insulation, dynamics and manageability. Only one advantage to consider in relation with this: it is expensive in service and has high fuel consumption. The car is designed for all types of roads, and the specifications prove it.

Car interior is luxurious and comfortable, with wooden and leather inserts. Seats both for passengers and drivers are wide enough to feel free in moves and confident. In addition, high seating guarantees good visibility for a driver.

BMW X5 on Jiji!

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