Bentley Cars in Nigeria

Bentley cars review in Nigeria

Bentley chic cars are distinguished for their extravagance and superiority over productions with other logos. This British auto manufacturer founded in North London 1919 supplies the world market (including Nigerian) with hand-built motor cars. Each model by this brand makes a furor in entire the world once appeared in the arena!

The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the company's elegant models that has a classic appearance. It has a sophisticated fine leather lined and hardwood trimmed interior that looks perfect with the classic elegance of its appearance. What concerns other important specifications such as the performance it delivers, here we have got a superior driving practice due to the ultra-powerful V-8 6.75-liter engine (turbo-twin) with 505 horsepower! The gearbox of this Bentley car is an 8-speed one (automatic). The automobile develops 60 mph in only 4.9 secs.

To review the Bentley Continental GT model, we shall start with its impressive engine options. here we have the following options:

1. a V-8 with 500 horsepower

2. a V-8 S with 521 horsepower (highest speed is 188mph, develops 60 mph speed in 3.9 seconds)

3. a W-12 with 582 horsepower

4. a V-8 with 592 horsepower (GT3 R model)

All these engine options are supported by automatic gearboxes each eight-speed. Agree that the specs of this, as well as other Bentley cars, are simply astounding! If you can afford to pay a round sum of money for a high-end car, any Bentley car will do! Obtaining it, you are obtaining a timelessly elegant and imposing automobile, which is definitely a good investment!

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