Audi Q5 in Nigeria

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  • Audi Q5 specs and facts

Audi Q5 is quite often acquired as A4 sedan yet with a higher height of a ride, a more ample space for cargo, and a foul-weather driving capability. Surely this "bouquet" of features is quite appealing, therefore the compact crossover Audi Q5 has gained a large popularity. This model is constructed from a sleek sheet metal for a lightweight yet sturdy feature. Along with a premium-quality and lavish interior that stands for the amazing comfort, Audi Q5 provides a remarkable performance. The same refers the efficacy. Today Audi Q5 comes with either diesel, gasoline or hybrid powertrains with the diesel option as the most popular one. By the way, this SUV is known to be the best among all other SUVs irrespective of the cost for its quick acceleration (with a diesel engine). This Audi features a twin-turbocharged diesel V6 engine (3.0-liter) and 8-speed automatic transmission (0-100km/h in 5.1 seconds). The car uses both front and rear wheels when driving (50:50).

Audi Q5 features all the signatures typical to S class including roof rails and door mirrors with an aluminum finish, horizontal front grille bars chrome finished, sports seats (Nappa leather), alloy pedals and flat-bottom steering wheels. Audi Q5 is definitely an opulent crossover SUV worth your money.

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