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What do you pay attention to when buying a car? Design? Style? Speed? Power? Comfort? Safety? Price? Or maybe you are one of those, who are always looking for a perfect combination of everything? Even if the last thing describes you the best way, there is still one or two aspects you pay more attention to. Well, we aren’t going to say that it’s bad. Instead, let’s try to look at the most important features on the Audi A4’s example, as it is one of the most popular cars, which may become the next model in your personal collection of vehicles.

You can start with variations. Audi A4 is a five-seat car manufactured by German company Audi since 1994. From the very beginning, it was available in four models, based on a series of automobile platforms 'B', which is mainly known for its codes: initial – B5, B6, B7, and B8.

Audi A4 comes in two body styles – "Salon", which is a sedan, and "Avant", or Audi wagon.

After this, you probably will think about reliability and comfort. Well, Audi A4 is a truly reliable car. It holds the road in excellent way, the engine in the cabin is almost inaudible, it has also quite a mild stroke. Car body does not rust for a long time, car is unpretentious in service. It is perfect both for city and autobans. Among disadvantages, owners sometimes admit few room on the passenger seat and low sport suspension (it’s not comfortable to drive, if the roads in your city are bad).Owners recommend to check out suspension and the condition of an engine before you buy a car.

Audi A4 on Jiji!

Finally, you come to price. Don’t worry, you can buy Audi A4 in Nigeria, and you can do it at pleasant price on Jiji. Thanks to Jiji, Nigeria has found out what convenient shopping is, and soon you can find out what comfortable rides are all about. Find your Audi A4 at the best marketplace in the country. Check out the adverts and don’t forget to read all our advices about online shopping!

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