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Nike Sneakers In Nigeria

The word sneaker was early used in 1887 when the Boston Journal referred to "sneakers" as "the name boys give tennis shoes”.

Originally it refers to how quiet the rubber soles were on the ground, which is not noisy hard Leather sole dress shoes.

However, it became more popular nowadays because people are showing their interest in fancy loafers to look more comfortable and look athleisure-inspired look.

It is a show designed for outdoor activity and creation, that is made of canvas attached with a sole.

What are the types of sneakers?

There are different types of sneakers, and their uses, these are;

  • Athletic kicks: These kinds of sporting footwear are Nike and Adidas regulars, which are perfectly made with great functions and style. These pairs are used for faster activities.

  • Plimsoll: These kinds of pairs are popular and common, and are also called Low Top pairs. This footwear is best put on with secret socks that are below the ankle.

  • High Top Basketball: This pair is excellent and looks cool, it is best worn with fitting jeans and it’s famous on the basketball court.

  • Authentic Pair: This kind of pair is worn with casual or formal wear. It always makes you look best with authenticity.

  • Slip-on: They have no shoelaces, are worn with socks, and are easy to wear.

  • Leather pair: It is naturally worn for suit business casual and move formal attire, as long you don't put on long socks with it. Leather kicks are amazing for sports because they are flexible wears.

  • Canvas: It is a material that is below the ankle which is popular through a brand like Converse All-stars. Putting this on casual clothing makes you special.

  • Textile Blend: These kicks are made from different materials like leather, textile blends, plastic, etc. It’s great to wear.

  • Synthetic pairs: This kind of sneaker adapts smell, it makes your feet uncomfortable. It is made using low-quality materials.

  • Designer wears: It is put on with formal clothing or business casual. It is used with quality laces.

Why do we need to buy Nike sneakers?

Sneakers are not just worn for the fun of it, here are a few reasons why you need to get yourself Nike Sneakers.

  • Emotional Attachment: We become emotionally attached due to the significance behind the shoe.

  • It makes you comfortable: It brings comfort to your feet while performing as an athlete.

  • It makes you faster: It helps in making you faster when you get involved in trouble because it is flexible.

  • You look Athletic: When you put on the shoe, most times it reveals the athletic nature in you

  • It makes your feet healthy: putting on this shoe keeps your feet healthy by preventing foot problems, smelly feet.

  • Boosting your confidence: There is a saying that the better the shoe, the better you feel generally. Investing in this great shoe will complement your appearance with confidence.

  • It makes you look stylish: Several brands like Nike have provided a broad range of shoes that are in high demand for sporting or other activities. When putting it on fashionable footwear it will show off your uniqueness on the go.

How to get your Nike sneakers in Nigeria?

Jiji offers you good quality and reliable shoes that can be delivered to you.

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