We always relate Japan to anime and sushi, forgetting about other interesting things it gave to the world. Some are surprised, but karaoke was invented by the Japanese, too. Karaoke started as an entertainment game and become popular all over the world in 1960s, the period of rapid development of recording devices. Probably this is one of the reasons why karaoke market has grown to a truly powerful industry, which is estimated around 10 billion dollars. Karaoke never becomes old-fashioned in Asia. In Japan, India, and China, there are special terms for singing along and for good karaoke singers; programs there are managed by special karaoke jockeys, and people enjoy even more with karamovie (or movioke), using scenes from videos and films. Isn’t it great to feel like your favorite star? You can choose a karaoke system right now, and you’ll definitely become the one, who throws the best parties!

Karaoke in Nigeria

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