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MCAFEE Antivirus software is a computer program that provides protection from malware such as computer viruses, computer worms and other malicious software by scanning files stored on computers. It has the major task of finding and notifying users when they visit sites that may contain threats to their PC or mobile device. When it detects an infected file, MCAFEE quarantine the file then delete it from your computer. This system works together with cloud-based security to detect new threats that might not be known yet by antivirus programs . It scans all downloads for harmful content even while you are browsing on Facebook, Google+ Safari etc. The product also provides safe web search results eliminating any possible attack while you are searching on Google, Yahoo.


On, MCAFEE antivirus software is available from as low as N13,000 for home users and starts at about N75,000 as the price range of business users. Customers can also purchase MCAFEE antivirus plus security package that includes a firewall and backup service which costs about N65, 000 on the website.MCAFEE is a leading brand name in Nigeria providing top-quality products and first-class customer support to all their customers .It has a massive network of dealers across Nigeria.

If you are looking for high quality security software with great protection from viruses then MCAFEE antimalware is just right for you!.

Benefits of buying a MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARES on

Benefits of buying a MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARES on are:-

1. Hassle free shopping- you can shop for this product without leaving your house or office and still get great discounts! All you need to do is just simply click the buy button, enter the details then pay online or at an ATM (cash) which ever one suits you best.

2. Verified products- all products listed on Jiji are verified by real people making it easier to get quality products that will not disappoint you when you get them home

3. Flexible payment options - with jiji its flexible as there are many payment methods for customers.

Reasons why you should buy a MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARES on

Reasons why you should buy a MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARES on Jiji is because it's the best way to get quality products from reputable dealers at a cheaper price!

Jiji also provides added security by ensuring you only deal with trusted dealers thus protecting buyers.

Apart from its product assurance, they also offer flexible payment options for their customers including Cash-on-Delivery and Online Payments.

You can pay using your ATM cards or bank accounts making your shopping experience more convenient and safe. The company has a huge network of dealers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and all over Nigeria meaning that there is no area in where you can not find quality.

How do I maintain a MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARES in Nigeria?

MCAFEE antivirus software is very easy to maintain.

Steps are as follows:-

1. Update- It is important that you update your MCAFEE antivirus Software regularly, the updates will help keep your computer free from malware. If you don't update it can make it harder to identify new threats and remove them even when they are reported by users of the program .

2. Scanning- It is important that you scan for viruses at least once a week or more often depending on how many files you download daily, scanned files should be saved in a separate location for future use rather than deleting them immediately after scanning(if possible). 3.Backup and Restore.


MCAFEE Antivirus software is one of the best in Nigeria in terms of cost,technology and application. The product provides users with high-quality services that help discover all types of malware whether known or unknown .It also ensures optimal protection against any type of cyber crimes giving customers peace of mind while they are surfing on the internet.

If you have quality antivirus software it will reduce your operating costs by ensuring network availability, data integrity and recoverability when it's time to update your system. While MCAFEE antivirus may be a little expensive but its worth every penny if you value your privacy and online security.