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Blue Water Closet in Nigeria

The water closet is a ceramic sanitary product that is used as a toilet. This type of toilet is hygienic and easier to clean. Toilets designated for sitting are called water closets Typically the height of the toilet is 400 mm (16 inches) from the floor.

This 16 inch (400 mm) sit height is not always the same, but a standard height is preferable when designing a toilet water closet.

The water closet is connected to a disposal tank. This container can be made of ceramic or plastic materials. Most often the plastic cover and seat are attached to the water closets. The water closets are otherwise called and known European water closets.

The minimum service life of a seat cover is around 10,000 uses with toilet lids or toilet seats made of polypropylene or polyurethane.

Have you ever looked at the design and decoration of a toilet and been drawn to a mix of blue? What if you made your own equally beautiful toilet? Well, you can't leave behind your water closets, can you? For example, do you never get bored of the white communal toilets you see in every home?

The installation of an amazingly designed toilet with a blue toilet will be unique. Remember that the look of your toilet can have a general impact on your bathroom space.

Benefits of a blue toilet

  • Blue is a color that can evoke all sorts of emotions and, depending on the hue and tone, adapts to all design styles.

  • A light shade of blue can be considered neutral.

  • The cool color can range in the twinkling of an eye from strong to energetic to calm and tranquil or brooding.

  • Color is multifunctional and transformatively endowed.

  • It stood out from a normal white closet in any home (unique).

  • Modern and vintage look.

Disadvantages of the blue water closet

There is a risk of it becoming outdated or likely to make you bored. Because what seems cool and fresh to you now may prove to be boring and tiring in the years to come.

Some blue toilets can begin to fade and disfigure the look of your bathroom. A blue toilet may not look as clean to your guests as a white one. They are pricey and are difficult to find.

Who should buy the blue water closet?

If you have an aversion to color, blue is the best color for you as it can be very magnificent. If you're a fan of interior design, you can upgrade from regular plain white water closets to blue ones. Admirers of the bright-bold colors of the blue water closets will also benefit and switch to a deep blue shade.

Also, Luxury hotels can feel that these blue toilets are catching with their customers and enticing them with a different look that will highlight their hotel bathroom and make it look much more and luxurious than before.

How to get the blue water closet in Nigeria

Fixing a water closet in your toilet is a bold move and you do not want to stress yourself out looking for one. This is why you should shop for your closet on Jiji, with that you can be sure of getting the right quality, low prices. You can relax and get your closet with no fear of getting scammed.

So, why not go check out the Jiji store now to find what you are looking for?

Water Closet FAQs

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