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Microsoft Surface Mouse is a device specifically designed to be used in writing and gaming. It was introduced in Nigeria in mid-2015. The gadget can draw its power either from batteries or an attached USB cable, depending on the model purchased. Microsoft Surface Mouse has a solid build quality; it is lightweight and has well positioned buttons that are easy to press. The wireless version works for up to 12 months without battery replacement while the wired model lasts twice as long when plugged into a powered USB port. The unit comes with built in bluetooth which makes it compatible with laptops and desktop computers running Windows 7 or later versions of Microsoft software platform . It has a scrolling wheel that moves vertically and horizontally thus making complex scrolling fast and accurate.


Microsoft has been making mice for a long time. The Surface Mouse is no exception and its build quality shows it, with sturdy buttons that you can easily push down on without feeling any resistance or pain even after hours of use. It comes in two versions: wireless if your computer does not have an Ethernet port available (which means there's no chance to charge) or wired which will stay connected while also giving power from the USB ports built into most newer laptops - this way all devices connected through one laptop won't need batteries!

Benefits of buying MICROSOFT SURFACE MOUSE on

1. It is affordable.

2. It works without charging for one year or more depending on the model of Surface Mouse you purchase

3. Compatibility with devices running Windows OS.

4. Durability

5..Ease of use.(I have not had to consult any Microsoft mice manual at all, I just installed the driver and was ready to go.

6. Aesthetics

7 .It has a built-in bluetooth that makes it compatible with devices running Windows OS

8 .Fast scrolling wheel(this also helps to save time in scrolling)

9 .No need for batteries

10 It is easy to clean and maintain.

Reasons why you should buy MICROSOFT SURFACE MOUSE

1. It has a solid build quality which ensures the durability of the product

2. The mouse is lightweight and therefore fast to move around on your screen as you work

3. It does not need batteries since you can either power it from an attached USB cable or purchase a wireless model that will run for up to 12 months without recharging

4. Availability of different models depending on the size of hands and type of usage desired (wireless versus wired)

5 .Easy to install, plug and play with Windows OS devices

6 .It’s compatible with almost all Windows OS devices including Xbox one consoles thus making it easy to operate without having multiple products of different brands.

How do I maintain MICROSOFT SURFACE MOUSE in Nigeria?

The Microsoft Surface Mouse device should be handled with care. And one of the best ways to do this is by keeping the mouse away from liquids, dust and dirt build up. This will help in maintaining it for longer. It should also not be used extensively especially on rough surfaces that can damage its exterior shell or loosen some of its internal parts.

It is advisable that the Microsoft Surface Mouse’s battery compartment be opened only when you are changing batteries, meaning there is no need to open it frequently for purposes of checking if the batteries are still working or is there any foreign object inside.


With its sleek, lightweight design the Microsoft Surface Mouse is perfect for on-the go productivity. It can be powered by either batteries or via USB cable depending what you purchase - and both options provide long lasting use cases that won't need replacement until 12 months after purchasing! The bluetooth connectivity means this device works well with most laptops as well so users have no problem getting their work done from anywhere in any situation without worry about Wireless signal strength issues disrupting performance etc. A fantastic product worth checking out especially if battery life isn't an issue!